Term 3 at Primary Matters

‘Tall Tales and Silly Stories’

We are about to unleash our students’ imaginations! During this course we will create short pieces of writing (we like to call them scenarios) based on the idea of improbable characters appearing without warning in realistic settings  - think ‘Alice in Wonderland’!

Children love to write fantasy - and we love to teach it. However, students tend to think that it is easy to do and that anything goes; the challenge for us is to prevent students from becoming mired in muddled ideas fashioned by modern day movies and computer games!

In this course students will sharpen their story writing skills to write with depth, significance and believability and will be asked to set specific goals about what they need to learn next. Through working in small groups they will help strengthen each other as writers and hold one another accountable for doing their very best writing.

If your child has been attending our classes for some time you may have noticed that we don’t normally teach punctuation (this is covered in schools). However, we feel that there is a need to teach conventional usage of the basics to help students write with more powerful ‘voices’. Please note that we will take time in this course to explore the importance of punctuation and paragraphing in our writing.

Skills and strategies we will teach this term: 
  1. How to create believable whimsical characters.
  2. How to create appropriate settings.
  3. How to use time lines to plan out important parts of the story.
  4. How to elaborate on the most important parts of the story.
  5. How to use effective similes and metaphors.
  6. How to use sensory details.
  7. How to read with the eye of a writer.
  8. How to distinguish between ‘ordinary’ everyday language and ‘poetic’ language.
  9. How to use powerful verbs to convey precise images to the reader.
  10. How to use punctuation and paragraphing appropriately.
Students will learn even more about the amazing power of revision.

To sign up for next term’s workshops, contact Gayle at primarymattershk@gmail.com. or call 25261153/94654468 for more information.

Home Tutoring Groups

If your child is unable to attend our school venues do get in touch to find out more about our tailor made Home Tutoring Courses. Groups of 3 - 6 students can be accommodated in these settings.

Please note that some of our classes fill up very quickly indeed: it is always best to reserve a space as soon as possible so as to avoid disappointment.

If you have questions do give us a call.

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