Term 3 at Primary Matters

I’m A Journalist!

Next term at Primary Matters we are introducing a completely new course – ‘I’m A Journalist!’ In this course students will learn to write information texts, and revise them with clear purposes in mind. They will learn too to be thoughtful observers of their lives in school and at home, as well as the larger community of Hong Kong itself and indeed the wider world.

In the initial stages of the course students will learn to write succinct, focused news reports, and, as we move through the term, the older students in particular will become more involved in particular aspects of deeper ‘investigative’ journalism: all students will be taught the difference between investigative reporting and news stories.

Students will be asked to make entries in their notebooks about ‘newsworthy’ events that happen in classroom, in the playground, at home, in after school activities, around Hong Kong etc. and these will be used to create attention grabbing headlines and vivid, well structured news reports. They will be taught how to fine tune and hone the tone of their writing and how to use concise language in their news stories.

Because the purpose and style of journalism are distinct from other forms of informational writing there will be a strong emphasis on how news reports are structured.

Specific skills and strategies we will teach next term:

  • The formula for obtaining complete information for a news story: What happened? Who was involved? When did the incident occur? Where did the incident take place? Why did it happen? How did it happen?
  • How to conduct interviews.
  • How to take notes effectively.
  • How to use specific details to bring the report to life.
  • How to use quotes effectively.
  • How to be selective with materials gathered.
  • How to craft a lead – with the most important information at the beginning.
  • How to develop the text by writing in depth descriptions of the events.
  • How to change passive verbs to active verbs.
  • How to include background information and technical details to inform the reader.
  • How to spot the difference between fact and opinion.
  • How to end a report satisfactorily for the reader.

Registration is now open for April 2016. Students are accepted on a first come first served basis, with priority given to those who are currently attending our workshops. Contact Mrs. Gill at info@primarymattershk.com or call Marion on 94654468/25261153 for more information.

N/B. Students who are new to Primary Matters must complete an application form (above right) and send it to us no later than Friday 18th March. Please note that we are happy accept some Year 3 students in Term 3, particularly those who intend joining us in September.


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