What’s Happening in 2015 at Primary Matters?


Students will enter the world of heroes, dragons, wizards, magic and spells! They will learn how to describe fantastical worlds, how to create magical characters and how to write about magical objects in a way that tantalizes the reader. For students who are returning to us after completing our Personal Narrative course last term, there will be enormous benefits to be had from revisiting techniques and strategies they learned in Term 1. For all students, including those who are new to Primary Matters, they will learn how to write a complete fantasy story from beginning to end and be introduced to the idea that writers continually extend and revise their stories using a process known as the ‘writing cycle’. N.B. Students will produce their own books this term.

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Additional Class at Clearwater Bay School

Parents of Clearwater Bay students will note that there are now two options for attending Primary Matters Writing Workshops: the original time, Tuesdays from 2.45 – 4.00 p.m. and, the new option, Thursdays from 3.45 – 5.00. This new class takes place directly after Mrs. Godfrey’s handwriting class (Mrs. Godfrey is the Primary Matters teacher working at CWB). The writing workshops will take place in the same classroom as the handwriting class so students attending the two consecutive sessions will be with the same teacher for both.

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